Our Services

By virtue of having created & maintaining a range of products catered to financial institutions, we have acquired strong technical & domain expertise. PIBAS provides consultancy services to our valued clients in implementing the PIBAS suite of products. The key areas where we provide our consultancy services are the following:

covered Sectors

Commercial Banking

The PIBAS e-nhance suite, provides a very versatile product base to attract customer deposits; facilitates not only distribution & disbursement of these funds, but monitoring, control & management as well.

Retail Banks

PIBAS facilitates Retail banks involved in soliciting deposits from individuals and institutions to finance consumer loans, small business loans, low end mortgages etc...

Islamic Banks & Mudarabah

The Islamic Shariah compliant, PIBAS Shariah, with its flexible and comprehensive assets management application products caters to the needs of any Islamic bank.

Investment Banks

We cater for the diversified requirements of Investment banks, specially the ones on the money market side.

Microfinance Banks

PIBAS' Loans & Micro Finance Module working alongside the Business Relationship Module provides extremely simple, flexible & comprehensive tools that cater to the requirements of any microfinance banking institution.

Leasing Financial Institutions

The PIBAS Leasing System provides extensive, flexible & comprehensive methods to initiate, manage, monitor and control the financial & operating leases for both single & fleet cases

Quality Policy

Our organization follows the Client Satisfaction, Evaluation & Improvement Process to solicit and make changes to improve client satisfaction. Customer Feedback is captured and action is taken in accordance with the Client Feedback Process.
  • Project / Product managers are responsible for negotiating commitments and developing the project’s software development plan, project activities & results

  • Projects follow the Project Tracking & Monitoring Process for both tracking & controlling its software development activities

  • Projects follow the Project Planning Process for planning a software project

  • Projects will follow the PM processes defined in the QMS for managing the software project

  • Projects will follow the Software Configuration Management Process
  • Senior Management oversees the organization’s activities for software process development and improvement

  • The organization follows the Process Management processes defined in the QMS for developing and maintaining a standard software process and related process assets

  • The organization follows the Product Support Plan for improving the Product capability

  • Senior Management sponsors and overseas the organization’s activities for technology change management
  • All projects will follow the Metrics Process for measuring and quantitatively controlling the performance of the project’s defined software process

  • All projects will follow the Defect Prevention Process for defect prevention activities
  • Projects will follow the Quality Assurance and Control processes for implementing software quality

  • All projects follow the Project Planning Process to define plans for managing software quality
  • Projects will follow PIBAS Requirements Process for managing the requirements allocated to the software

  • All projects will follow the Proper Review Process for performing peer reviews

  • All projects will follow the Project Execution processes defined in the QMS for performing the software engineering activities
  • The organization follows the Training Needs Processes for meeting organizational and individual training needs

    Value Proposition

    We provide the best value for money, both in terms of total cost
    of automation as well as the operating cost due to high level of efficiency accomplished through our system. The distinct advantage we have over the competition is due to:

    • A better Return on Investment for financial institutions by acquiring
      the PIBAS product suite

    • The low cost of doing comprehensive automation of full banking operations

    • A reduced total cost of ownership

    • PIBAS software products are rich in functionalities, features & facilities
      and are easy to use and deploy

    • A versatile application product range, that can be customized with or without
      charges to customers in order to fulfill their requirements

    • A proactive approach to continuous improvement process for meeting
      the customers current & future needs

    • Robust product support exceeding service level expectations