pibas ID

PIBAS ID is a stand-alone application that allows the user to perform multiple tasks in one sitting with much
greater efficiency when dealing with a new client. Instead of having to provide the required basic information,
photo & signature, all the client has to do is hand over his National ID card. The user then inserts the card into
the reader and the personal information, ID photo & signature of the client will automatically be picked up and
sent to the appropriate modules. Furthermore, the application will also perform a blacklist check of the ID holder
against lists published by OFAC and the UN. This is just scratching the surface in terms of what this application can
do and already the increase in efficiency and productivity is clearly visible.

    • Acquire basic info
    • Platform independant
    • Carries out Blacklist checks
    • Assigning a BRN
    • New Account opening
    • ID photo procurement
    • Signature integration

Assigning a new BRN & Opening a new Account:

The more advanced features of the PIBAS ID module include the capability of setting up a new business relationship
record as well as opening a new account for a client. These are both optional and can be created later on within the
CORE application, however carrying out these tasks here will greatly improve the processing speed, thereby increasing
productivity. There will be no need to open multiple modules since the business relationship record and new account
info will automatically be updated in whichever CORE application is in use at your institution.

*cost per session - levied by NADRA