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Our Sectors

Commercial Banking

Being the back bone of the economy in any country, commercial banks are deeply involved in the promotion of trade, commerce and industrialization of the country. The PIBAS e-nhance suite, provides a very versatile product base to attract customer deposits; facilitates not only distribution & disbursement of these funds, but monitoring, control & management as well. This is acccomplished through its state-of-the-art, flexible and comprehensive application modules, such as Trade Finance, Treasury, Loans & Micro Finance and many more.

Retail Banks

PIBAS facilitates Retail banks involved in soliciting deposits from individuals and institutions to finance consumer loans, small business loans, low end mortgages etc. PIBAS' comprehensive suite of products assures that this process will be carried out in a very simple, effficient & cost-effective manner, withouth having to compromise on keys elements such as accuracy, security and features.

Islamic Banks & Mudarabah

The Islamic Shariah compliant PIBAS Shariah with its flexible and comprehensive assets management application products, such as, Murabaha, Ijarah & Diminishing Musharikah along with Pool Management facility, caters to the requirements of any Islamic Bank. The parameter driven Core Banking Modules of the e-nhance suite of applications is an integral part of PIBAS Shariah as well.

Investment Banks

We cater for the diversified requirements of Investment banks, specially the ones on the money market side, like arranging of Commercial Papers, investing in Term Finance Certificates, handling of bonds & Treasury Bills as well as taking care of Long & Medium Term Loans, Financing of Working Capital and Leasing. On the deposit side a very comprehensive and flexible parameter driven deposit module satisfies the requirements of the most demanding users.

Microfinance Banks

PIBAS' Loans & Micro Finance Module working alongside the Business Relationship Module provides extremely simple, flexible & comprehensive tools that cater to the requirements of any microfinance banking institution. From the point of prospect till the final settlement, including but not limited to waivers, rescheduling, restructuring, classification, suspension of income, provisioning & court cases maintenance.

Leasing Financial Institutions

The PIBAS Leasing System provides extensive, flexible & comprehensive methods to initiate, manage, monitor and control the financial & operating leases for both single and fleet cases in an effective and efficient manner. The system is fully integrated with Core Banking Modules such as the Business Relationship, Collateral Management, Account Management & Financial Transaction Modules.