pibas link: ATM & POS Management

The ATM & POS Management interface channels all of its transactions through PIBAS' Switch Controller
and Interface Management System. The interface is also compatible with other switches and has features
such as Cash Withdrawal, Transfer from an account and transaction reversal

    The interface facilitates the following functions:

    • Cash withdrawal
    • Funds transfer
    • Balance enquiry
    • Mini statement enquiry
    • Statement request
    • Stop cheque / payment
    • Cheque book request
    • Utility bill payments


    • Affects income accounts immediately (where applicable)
    • Generates reconciled entries
    • Provides transaction history & audit trail
    • Provides detailed activity logs
    • Reduces the workload of the operational staff
    • Increases operational efficency
    • Reduces paper generation & handling

Note: Connectivity is currently provided by using the CR2, TPS & Avanza ATM Controllers.