Signature Verification system

The Benefits

  • Improves Operational efficiency and productivity through front and back office verification capability
  • Enhances customer service due to instantaneous access
  • Customizable Collateral Types [Hypothecation, Pledge etc...]
  • Prevents / Reduces Fraud due to Forged Signatures

The Signature Verification System is comprised of two sub-modules:

  • System Management:
  • Includes system settings, branch maintenance, account & signatory management,
    user management, logging, security and reports.

  • The Sign-View Server:
  • The sub-module that facilitates in online real-time viewing of the customers information,
    signatures & photographs; for any account by any authorized users, for both intra branch &
    inter branch transactions.

      • True client server technology is the framework for complete integration
      • Works independent of RDBMS engines, such as, Oracle & MS SQL Server
      • Can enhance the operational efficiency of any financial and/or non-financial
        institution where signature and/or photograph authentication & verification is required
      • Provides comprehensive security at database, system, & user level
      • Logging mechanism enables reporting of all activities
      • Provides Zooming & Compression capabilities
      • Thumbnail View facilities viewing of multiple signatures at a glance
      • Links a signature to different accounts, If required
      • Rapid retrieval of Signatures
      • Only shows certified Signatures to prevent fraud
      • Accommodates 4000 signatures per 10 MB (Under recommended settings)

      • Account & Signatory Added / Deleted Report
      • Works independent of RDBMS engines, like Oracle, MS SQL Server
      • Account & Signatory Modified Report
      • Users Added / Deleted Report
      • List of Signatories
      • Certified Signatory Report
      • Modified Signatory Report
      • Pending Signatory Report
      • Rejected Signatory Report, etc...

      Being a flexible system, certain parameters must be defined during system setup, there are:

      • Account Format, Size & Style:
      • The length of the Account Number, the breakdown of that number, etc... is to be specified during setup

      • Classification:
      • Classification is also independent of Account Mode. It means the user can identify at the time of addition and/or update what classification is to be used [i.e. Single, Multiple or Joint]

      • Database:
      • The RDBMS engine that is to be used by the Signature Verification system must be defined

      • Compatibility:
      • Can be interfaced with any System

      All possible measures have been taken to ensure that the system is, and remains, safe & secure

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