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PIBAS' SMS Banking System is a core / host system, which independently covers several key features according
to the current market requirements.

SMS Banking is a next generation choice in banking for today’s busy lifestyles. With this system, we enable banks
to accelerate the roll-out of essential mobile financial services without putting security & the intuitiveness of the
mobile interfaces at risk.

SMS Banking supports customizable command based SMS banking. Command based Banking uses a set of
straightforward commands and codes generated upon subscribing with SMS Banking services at the bank.
Once subscribed, the system will facilitate mobile users to carry out their daily transactions with ease.

SMS Banking is a more mature & in-depth SMS banking software solution that provides a robust control
environment, as well as a flexible & scalable operating environment. The system is able to connect
seamlessly to Short Message Service Center (SMSC) operators in the country of operation.

    • Easy integration with any existing banking system
    • New channel to reach customers
    • Competitive edge
    • Decrease in customer service cost
    • Reinforces bank’s position as an innovator
    • Increase in revenue
    • Efficient method of communication
    • Customer-oriented
    • Intuitive user interfaces
    • Instantaneous & up-to-date information
    • No delays
    • Enhanced security
    • Balance Inquiry
    • Retrieve the Mini Statement of an Account
    • Request a Statement of Account
    • Request Stop Cheque / Payment
    • Request for a New Cheque Book
    • Works through IMS and PSC by utilizing the Internet
    • The Bank can send SMS Messages to Selected Customers for predefined Transaction(s)
    • The Bank can Alert Selected Customers for predefined Activities / Conditions
    • The Bank can send Greeting Messages to Customers
    • The Customers can perform banking operations from remote locations
    • The Customers can easily logon from anywhere by just entering their User-id & password
    • Audit Trail
    • Event Log

Technologies employed for SMS banking:

The PIBAS SMS Banking system works as an add-on product and has the capability to interface with the bank’s existing
host system. The PIBAS SMS Banking system is a more advanced SMS banking system that is built to be able to work in
any host banking environment; and has an active database mechanism which allows messaging triggered by the existing
banking host system using industry or defacto standards

PIBAS' SMS Banking system provides a robust control environment, as well as a flexible & scalable operating environment.
The system is able to seamlessly connect to multiple available SMS Center (SMSC) operators in the country of operation.

PIBAS' SMS Banking System uses a simple GSM modem to connect to the SMSC, this significantly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Interfaces with Bank’s Host System (T-24, Misys & others):

PIBAS SMSB has the capability to interface with any Host System the Bank may have in use. The architecture of the SMS Banking
interface is designed on an active database mechanism. This mechanism enables a real-time intimation to the bank’s subscribed
customers, about all activities in their account(s) through ATM, Cash Counter, Clearing, Internet banking, Transfers, Remittances
in addition to profit disbursement, taxes & charges, etc...