pibas Document Management

pibas’ document managment [PDM] module is a user-friendly electronic document management system that follows
the four eyes/two-person rule. PDM allows the user to add, manage, store and edit information and/or documents in
a secure paperless environment. To ensure the highest level of security, all documents uploaded into the system are
heavily encrypted. Furthermore, with the stamp management feature in PDM, managers will be able to stamp
the documents scanned into the system like their old paper counterparts once were.

    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • Platform independent
    • Encrypted
    • User-friendly
    • E-mail notifications

Increased Efficiency, Leads to Increased Productivity:

In addition to making the documents easy to access for various users simultaneously, PDM aids in increasing efficiency
through its automated email notification feature. The system automatically sends out email notifications for documents
that are nearing their expiry dates to inform the client that the document needs to be updated, e.g: National ID card.

PDM also increases productivity through its ease in locating documents by using the search feature, saving time and manpower.

As a backup measure, PDM also allows the user to recover any document that has been deleted unintentionally.