pibas Electronic Clearing System

PIBAS' Electronic Clearing System offers an innovative technological solution that is based on electronic image processing.

The technology used by the Electronic Clearing system is based on the industry-standard communication infrastructure to
replicate the cheque clearing procedure. The system provides a simulation mechanism by integrating both the hardware &
software components together


    • Online Real time inward / outward clearing
    • Fully automated settlement
    • Cheque images transformation through optimized encrypted streaming
    • No deployment required on client sites
    • Secure and reliable solution
    • Browser based solution
    • Platform independent
    • Load balancing for optimized performance
    • Automated clearing house fee, charges, penalties & offset entries
    • A cost-effecctive solution


      Smooth & Hassle-free clearing settlement
      The system enables the clearing house with smooth & hassle free settlement clearing. The system
      works transparently from daily routine activities to settlement, and doesn’t require any human
      intervention at the clearing house

      Offline mode
      An offline mode mechanism has been introduced in the Electronic Clearing system, that facilitates
      in keeping the system continuously in servicing mode. This mode is available for both the clearing
      house as well as members of the clearing house

      Monitoring console for Country-wide clearing movements
      PIBAS' Electronic Clearing system provides executives with country-wide live clearing activities on a
      single screen. This screen features a drill down mechanism which provides, not only a 360° view of
      country-wide clearing, but also infiltrates from a settlement amount of any given bank to a single
      submitted cheque

      Automated Correspondence
      Introduces an automated correspondence mechanism to banks / branches for efficient & hassle-free
      reporting to all stakeholders for un-attended cheques / clearing while performing clearing house settlement