pibas value: Treasury Management

The Treasury Management system provides your institution with a sophisticated, multi-entity, multi-portfolio & multi-dealing room environment, supported by robust risk management along with front, middle & back office management. Our treasury management solution is capable of integrating real-time input from multiple service providers, such as REUTERS & SWIFT, for choice of instruments / currencies. This module includes complete portfolio analysis with extensive reporting, it produces accurate and timely management reports that provide analysis of earnings, market value, realized & unrealized gains / losses, volatility, total return, and compliance. The client the option to monitor up-to-the-minute financial statistics of multiple positions

    • Fully automated operational Middle & Back office
    • Enhances Operational Efficiency
    • Provides Real-time Exposure Information
    • Real-time Risk Management:
      • Rate tolerance
      • Dealers, Brokers, Counter Party & Currency Limits
      • Inter-day Limit
      • Transaction Limit
      • Total Limit
      • Forward Limit
      • Multi Currency
    • Real-time Front-Office & Back-Office
    • Real-time Risk Management Tools
    • Auto generation of SWIFT messages (MT200, MT202, MT300)
    • SWIFT Interface
    • REUTERS Interface for forward rates
    • Integrated Settlement Instructions Mechanism
    • Integrated with the General Ledger System
    • Real-time Treasury Position
    • Analysis & Reporting
    • Multi-Dimension Exposures
    • Security & Audit Trial
    • Portfolio Structure
    • Accounting Interface
    • Limits & Positions
    • Letters & Advices
    • Statements & Reports

    Front Office:
    The Treasury Management system's Front Office facilitates a dedicated real-time front office for foreign exchange,
    money market, bonds and other non Government products. It is a best-of-breed solution that offers unparalleled
    look and feel and functionality. It provides a single unified decision support platform for Treasury to control client
    investments effectively and efficiently. It provides innovative trading tools for the front office.

      • FX Ready
      • FX Spot / Tom
      • FX Forward
      • FX Forward with branches
      • FX FBP
      • FX Full Take-ups
      • FX Partial Take-ups
      • FX Swap
      • FX Placements
      • FX Acceptances
      • MM Out-Right
      • MM Call
      • MM Clean
      • MM Repo
      • MM Reverse Repo
      • MM Placements
      • MM Acceptances
      • Options & Derivatives can also be provided
      • NOSTRO Positions
      • Securities Positions
      • Limit & Exposures
      • MM & FX Blotters
      • Cash Flow
      • Gap
      • Counterparties Exposures

      e-Deal tickets:
      Front office facilitates dealers real-time printable & exportable e-Deal Tickets

      Forward Dated Deals:
      Provides the facility to input deals which are to commence at a future date. All such deals
      are held within the system and activated on their day of inception

      Deal Maintenance:
      Provides the facility for maintenance of deals entered on the current day or old deals held within the system
      but not matured.

    Back Office:
    PIBAS' Back-Office provides a paper-free back office operation management, from deal confirmation
    to settlement of accounts and to SWIFT message generation, together with the brokerage bills.

      • Real-time Deal Confirmation
      • Real-time SGLA
      • Real-time SWIFT Message to View
      • Real-time SWIFT Compliance File Generation Mechanism (SWIFT Interface)
      • Real-time Transaction Posting in the General Ledger Accounting System
      • Real-time Auto IBCA & IBDA Generation Mechanism
      • Daily Accruals & Auto Shadow Postings
      • Daily Mark-to-Mark & Auto Shadow Postings
      • Daily Revaluation & Auto Postings
      • Daily Amortization & Auto Postings
      • Full & Partial Take-ups
      • Coupon Maintenance
      • Daily Income & Expense
      • Accruals
      • Amortization
      • Revaluation
      • Brokerage Setup
      • Brokerage Bills
      • Coupons Maintenance & Postings

    Middle Office:
    The Treasury Management system middle office plays a vital role in the monitoring & controlling of daily dealing
    activities of front office, as well as back office, by ensuring all aspects of risk management.

      • Rate Tolerance
      • Dealer Limits
      • Counter Limits
      • Broker Limits
      • Multi Currency Limits
      • Transactions Limits
      • Inter-Day Limit
      • Forward Limits

    Equity Market Management System:

      Available features:

      • Integrated with general ledger
      • Order to confirmation process handling
      • Normal & Spot Trades Handling
      • Offers a flexible commission & fee structure
      • Client / stock exchange-wise Settlement positions
      • Billing Generation
      • Shares in Custody & Shares sent to Transfer
      • Saleable Shares
      • Custody Expenses entry
      • Central Depository data import
      • Reports - Trades (Date wise / Stock Exchange / Trader / Client / Security / Settlement / Trade Type wise / Gross & Net Rates),
        Buy / Sell Detail & Summary Reports, Confirmations to clients, Holding, Client Ledger, Commission Reports
      • Flexible Transaction-wise tariff charges
      • Tariff Quantity / Amount / Rate-wise
      • Tariff Slab Structure
      • Fixed & Variable tariff with minimum & maximum limits
      • Reports

    Interfaces with External Systems:

    SWIFT Alliance
    Interfaces with SWIFT Alliance for MT202 & MT300. The system generates these messages transparently
    when the deals get supervised. This interface saves a significant amount of time of the back-office, as well
    as that of the SWIFT personnel; Acccomplished by avoiding re-input of redundant data in multiple systems.

    The daily Mark-to-Mark process is an integral part of the Treasury Management system that requires the
    forward rates published by the Central Bank. To make an easy & error-free mechanism, the system provides
    an interface for REUTERS that picks data from REUTERS and populates it in the internal database without any
    human intervention.

    [NOTE: REUTERS interface required]