salient features & benefits

  • Musharakah Life Cycle Management
  • Standardization & Reliability of all financial calculations
  • Automated Voucher Generation throughout the Diminishing Musharkah Cycle
  • Parameterization of Musharakah products to create a variety of products
  • Tools to monitor performance of Credit & Recovery Officers
  • Complete follow-up on cases in litigation
  • Dynamic MIS Report generation feature
  • Complete Musharakah Life Cycle Maintenance including application submission, sanction,
    re-sanction, agreement, discard, reject, disbursement, repayment & charges posting
  • Flexible Generation of Schedule
  • Early Termination, Partial Payments & Early Payment features
  • Rescheduling & Restructuring
  • Remission Schemes Management
  • Enhances Charges Management with Concept of Penalties
  • Classification of Accounts & Risk Management