pibas Biometrics

pibas biometrics is a platform independent web-based application which has an embedded database. As a
result, it works efficiently as a middleware between the National Database Authority and multiple possible
systems. This stand-alone application has the capability of carrying out real-time verification of all or specific
fingerprints within NADRA’s database, which facilitates your institution in getting the optimum results in the
least amount of time possible.

Furthermore, prior to creating a session to interface with NADRA, the application verifies all scanned fingerprints
against its own embedded local database of citizens fingerprints that have been previously scanned & verified,
which it maintains, to increase the cost-effectiveness of the process by minimizing the overhead expenses* incurred.

Regardless of which CORE system or platform is in use by your institution, an API is provided to facilitate automatic
integration of CORE banking, branchless banking & third party systems with features that include, but are not limited
to the following:

    • Interface with NADRA
    • Platform independant
    • Centralized database
    • Blacklist checks
    • Assigning a BRN
    • Account opening
    • ID photo procurement
    • Signature integration

Assigning a new BRN & Opening a new Account:

The more advanced features of the pibas biometrics module include the capability of setting up a new business
relationship record as well as opening a new account for a client. These are both optional and can be created later
on within the CORE application, however carrying out these tasks here will greatly improve the processing speed,
thereby increasing productivity. There will be no need to open multiple modules since the business relationship
record and new account info will automatically be updated in whichever CORE application is in use at your institution.

*cost per session - levied by NADRA